Going on Vacation? 4 Things You Should Never Do

Vacations are supposed to be all about fun and relaxing. You are supposed to be able to leave your responsibilities and all of your cares behind you. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few responsibilities that you must deal with prior to leaving your home and heading to the airport.

As a general rule, the majority of individuals spend plenty of time thinking about things that need to be done before leaving for vacation, but it just as important to take time to think about the things that you should not do before leaving for your vacation. Here are four of those things:

  1. Leave Any of Your Windows and/or Doors Unlocked.

You may be thinking to yourself that you would never leave a window or door unlocked when you leave your home for vacation, but it happens more often than you would think. While it may not be the main door or a bottom floor window, there are locks that often get overlooked. Some of the most common that get overlooked include upstairs windows, the door that leads out into the garage from the home and pet doors. Don’t think that thieves won’t try to access your home from any of these, as they will do anything and everything in order to gain access into your home when they know you aren’t there. Every single door and window needs to be locked/secured.

  1. Forget to Ask a Neighbor or Someone to Check in on the Home While You’re Gone.

Once you turn off all your lights and you make sure the doors and windows are locked, don’t forget to also ask a neighbor or trusted friend to check in on the home while you are on vacation. This is true even if you have a security system in place. Burglars tend to watch for window blinds and curtains that stay open 24/7, porch lights that are on during the day, mail and newspapers that pile up, etc.

By asking someone to check on the house, they can turn off any lights that have been left on, pick up the mail and newspaper, open/close curtains sporadically, etc. If you really want to keep your house safe, consider hiring a house sitter.

  1. Tell Everyone Your Vacation Plans, Including Where You’re Going and Length of Stay.

It can be extremely exciting to escape the reality of your world and go to a relaxing location, so you will probably want to share all the details with your friends, colleagues and family. However, we live in the age of internet and social media, so your trusted friends and family aren’t the ones that will know your vacation details.

You want to avoid telling everyone the exact location of your vacation and the length of your stay. You will also want to refrain from posting photos of your vacation on social media while you are on vacation. Doing these things are simply inviting a thief to come into your home and take off with your things. So, choose a few trusted members of your inner circle to share the details of your trip. They can keep an eye on your home and will know when you should be home.

  1. Keep Electronics and Appliances Plugged in.

There are many electronics and appliances that remain plugged in and running while you are in and out of the home day in and out. However, to ensure that you don’t worry about something that you possibly left turned on, such as the hair straightener or coffee maker, while you are on your vacation, it is a good idea to simply unplug your home appliances before leaving. You should unplug anything unessential, such as hair dryers, phone chargers, and other items that won’t be used while you are away. While you should leave a television going in the main room so there is some noise, you should unplug any others in the home. Don’t forget to also unplug or turn off power strips.

You should also reset your thermostat since there’s no reason to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home while you are away. You could also turn your water off, especially if it’s wintertime and your pipes are often prone to freezing.

If your home does not currently have a home security system installed, then you should consider getting one before leaving on your vacation. This is one of the best ways to secure your home, regardless of whether you are in it or not. Contact Tactyne Systems for more information.

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