DIY Home Security Systems: Why They're Not for Everyone

You can do virtually anything and everything with a computer and/or a smartphone nowadays. You can sit in an internet café and check your e-mail, use Skype to chat with your friends who are on the other side of the world, and use your smartphone to change the channel on your television. Technology has come a long way over the years, and home security systems have as well.

Technology enables us to do a number of things that we were never able to do previously. For example, with the latest home security systems, it allows us to see who is at the front door, control the lights inside the house, and keep a close eye on children and pets. What is even better about these systems is that they can be installed with your own hands. You don’t have to worry about a technician that you don’t know coming to your home or any troublesome wires; you can install it yourself.

While consumers are thrilled about these DIY home security systems, many old-school, traditional alarm system companies require that systems are installed professionally.

Why Some Companies Are Sticking to Professional Installation

So, why wouldn’t an alarm system company, such as ADT, not want to allow their customers to perform a DIY installation? Surely, it is excellent customer service and it would potentially encourage more homeowners to purchase their own home security systems. Right?

Well, as most of you can probably guess, it all boils down to one thing: the green stuff (money). Some of these home alarm companies are just greedy and sticking to a traditional installation is a way to get more money out of consumers.

The company is paying the tech to come to your home to install the equipment, they are charging you far more for the installation. The majority of these systems are wireless, so you don’t really even need help to install the equipment. Basically, you just need to place the camera in its place and plug it in. Then, more often than not, they try to make you think that you’re getting this amazing deal by telling you that they will decrease or waive the installation fee. However, when other companies will let you install their system for free and on your own, you aren’t getting a good deal at all.

How They Will Try to Convince You for the Traditional Installation

These companies will do everything in their power to try to convince you that a traditional installation by a skilled technician is the way to go – but is it? They first start off by telling you that it’s the best and most efficient way to have your system set up. They will tell you that the tech can place motion sensors by the windows and doors and place a camera in the foyer. Well, you don’t need a professional to tell you something like that, as you either already know or a quick online search can provide you with that information.

They will also try to convince you that you need a technician to install the security system in case you don’t hook it up properly yourself, as it will put your entire family at risk. With a do-it-yourself system, you can always call to talk to a representative if you need guidance. You can test the system to see if it is working and troubleshoot the problem. Also, DIY systems have online videos that will walk you through setting it up and troubleshooting. It isn’t hard to install a home security system, especially the ones that are designed today, and top-notch companies will show you how to install them, step-by-step.

All Security Systems Aren’t Created Equal

Professionally-installed systems are not all bad, even though it may sound as if they are. What matters is that you are getting a high-quality home security system for your home to keep you and your family safe when you are home and your home secure when you aren’t there.

In the end, it is a personal decision whether you go with a professionally-installed home security system or a DIY security system for your home. We can help you decide which one is right for you and ensure you don’t get conned into paying for services and features that you don’t need if you give us a call at Tactyne Systems.

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